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It is in this section that a concise list of basic concepts that you may need in the process of cooperation is concentrated. Use our knowledge base before you create a support request.

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1 . Can I get a partner reward without investing in the company?

In accordance with our Standard Referral Program, to be able to get a partner reward, you do not need to create investments in our company. However, in this case, the Leader Program will not be available to you.

The company does not charge commission fees for any financial transactions.

You can create a payment request of any value of funds. It is essential that the amount is not less than $1.

You can create a payment request at a minimum of $1.

The request for payment is available to create any day of the week.

All withdrawal requests can be processed up to 72 hours. Please note that payout requests created during the weekend or holiday period can process a little longer.

Your investment will work for you under the terms of the investment offer you choose. To learn more about this, we recommend that you read the "Marketing" section.

To purchase investment portfolios, you can choose any of the following electronic payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, as well as the main altcoins, which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

To learn more about this, we recommend that you read the "Marketing" section.

The fact is that our investment proposals divided into four investment categories, which do not intersect at all. In the case when you want to invest in USD, you can take advantage of the Deposit Standard investment offers group, in which the minimum amount to start the investment process is 20USD. Also, in the case when you want to invest in bitcoin, you can use the CRYPTO's group investment proposals, in which the minimum amount to start the investment process, is 0.1BTC.

You can start the investment process by investing 20USD or 0.1BTC in the company.

Yes. In this case, if you used the Deposit Standard investment offer group, the term of your deposit will resume its countdown as if you had just created this investment today and the system automatically combines both the already existing deposit and the added amount. If the sum received as a result of the addition does not coincide with the allowable range of the investment proposal that you used initially, the entire amount automatically transfers to the appropriate investment plan of this category of deposits. The same system will operate with the amounts that you have added to the group of Stable Development and CRYPTO investment proposals. Except for the fact that if you created deposits in these two investment proposals groups, adding the amount to an existing investment will not initiate a reset of the days worked up to this point of your investment proposal validity period.

In general, there is not a limited amount of earnings by anything except your desire to earn and improve your financial situation. If you are interested in specific numbers, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the "Marketing" section.

For the creation of multi-registrations, leading to improper extra benefits (increased partner remuneration, for example), all personal accounts of such a partner, both active and inactive, will be subject to internal investigation as accounts of suspicious activities. According to the results of the internal investigation, the company will establish adequate response measures to the facts as mentioned above in each case separately.

If you have created a personal account and created an investment, then such a personal account is active. If you have created a personal account but have not yet performed investment actions, then such a personal account is inactive. You can create only one active account. Creating any number of inactive accounts is not prohibited and is not subject to review or internal investigation.

In case you intend to cooperate with our company, performing investment actions or plan to take part in our decisions for partners and in creating your partner structure, then registering on our website (creating a personal account) is a necessary action. If you do not intend to start cooperation with us soon, then at your request the creation of a personal account can be performed as an act of the first step towards our products and services.

Not. This feature is not provided.

Yes. Aquilon.trade has registered its business and complies with all requirements for maintaining commercial activity and financial reporting, both the laws Hong Kong and international law.

By investing in financial instruments such as binary options, futures, transactions in securities, promissory notes and bank assets, we use all possible benefits from using the classical profit-making scheme, while combining this activity with incredibly promising and profitable cryptocurrency trading.

We have formed a business scheme that does not have any analogs in the world, following which our actions aimed at diversifying financial flows and distributed in the ratio of 80% of the conservative business component, which includes trading operations and 20% for other, more profitable and aggressive areas of commercial activity.


The rules governing the main points of the interaction process between the registered site user and the company are an integral part of the commencement of any activity using the company services. At the same time, ignoring or misinterpreting the clauses of these Rules is the basis for termination of the cooperation process. On the other hand, agreeing with these Rules, each registered user makes a private transaction with the company and agrees to accept further cooperation directly in the context of a private transaction.

Intending to use the company's website and the company's services, each registered user assumes personal responsibility for compliance with these Rules.

We strongly recommend that you carefully study the meaning and content of these Rules before starting the process of creating a personal account on the company's website.


Read the Rules carefully before proceeding with the registration.

General conditions

1) These Rules drafted under the norms of International Law and business practice.

2) Only capable individuals over the age of 18 can register and invest in our investment program.

3) Passing the registration procedure is a prerequisite for each person who wants to become a member of our investment program or partnership program.

4) By registering with the investment program, you agree to abide by all the Terms and Conditions outlined in this document.



1) All materials and information on this site must be considered and understood "as is," without any express or implied warranties, such as the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, or any violation of any (anyone's) obligations.

2) The site content should not construe as any legal, insurance, tax or investment advice, appeals or interpretations. Any information posted on the website should not be interpreted as an imaginary recommendation or as our direct recommendation or as recommendations of third parties. Aquilon. trade (from now on referred to as the Company) shall under no circumstances be liable for any damage, loss or partner drawdown resulting from the use of any information contained on our website.

3) The company does not claim that the information provided in the form of content is decisive, complete, absolutely correct or confirmed by us. Before you make any monetary transactions, carefully read this "Disclaimer."


Investment Rules

1) Each investment/deposit (Company investment offer) is considered a private transaction between the Company and the Companies client (from now on referred to as the Partner).

2) The Partner agrees that it performs all financial transactions at its sole discretion and its own risk and peril. The partner alone and independently determines the size of the investment, as well as the type and type of investment proposal.

3) The interest rate on all Partner investment offers is calculated and credited to the Partner's account balance in the amount that depends on what investment proposal the Partner used when creating the investment/deposit.

4) The interest rate depends on the amount of investment, as well as on the Companies selected investment offer and investment offer duration.

5) The terms of the deposits of a Deposit Standard investment proposals group can be changed by the Partner in case he adds additional money to the already created investment/deposit.

6) For the implementation of the investment process, the Partner can choose any of the following electronic payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Advanced Cash, as well as the main altcoins, which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

7) The Investment Company site section, as well as other sections, govern all relationships between the Company and the Partner equally with these Rules.



1) Any Partner of the Company has the right to take advantage of our Standard Referral Program (SRP), as well as additional career opportunities through the Leadership Program (LP).

2) It is strictly forbidden to use spam technology. Including promoting your referral links. In case of detection of proven and technologically confirmed fact of spam, the account of such Partner will have removed without prior warning and subsequent negotiations.


Service delivery

1) We reserve the right without prior notice suspend or temporarily terminate the provision of any information through our website. It can be the cause by the need to add, update, delete or edit the content of the site. Also, the suspension in the information provision services may be related to force majeure circumstances, as well as for the following reasons:

  • urgent system updates;

  • power supply lines disconnected;

  • damage to process equipment;

  • other technogenic faults or natural properties.

2) The Company shall not be liable for any inconvenience or problems associated with such suspension or temporary suspension, including when Partner access to the Site becomes temporarily impossible.


Supplying information

The information provided by the Partner is a necessary and mandatory part of our relationship between the Company and each of our Partners.

1) The Company accepts personal information provided by the Partner to be strictly confidential. Therefore, the data of the e-mail address and the e-wallet, as well as some other data, cannot be disclosed under any circumstances.

2) We guarantee that we store and will keep all of the Partner's transactions with the Company in a strictly confidential manner, taking all necessary measures to protect the information and Partner personal data.


General terms

1) Failure to comply with, neglect or interpret at its discretion the content of these Rules by the Partner entails the Companies initiation of particular, exacting type measures, internal investigation and reasonable suspension of accounts.

2) The Company reserves the right to make any changes to these Rules without prior notice and/or coordination with the Partner.

3) The Partner is obliged to independently monitor this Company's website section for new norms and/or rules.



If the Partner continues to use the Company's website, the Company perceives this as the fact that the Partner is familiar with all the changes and updates that have entered into force and accepted them in full, agreeing with their meaning and content.

Privacy Policy

After completing the registration procedure and making a deposit to the company's program, the partner voluntarily accepts an agreement to transfer a certain amount of specific information containing personal data to the company. It is necessary for more complete and qualitative fulfillment of the company's obligations to the partner regarding providing full assistance and support in the process of cooperation to the extent required and sufficient to fulfill these obligations. The company, for its part, guarantees that any use of this information will occur solely for the benefit and in the interests of the partner.

Any other goals that can be pursued using information about the personal data provided by the partner are unacceptable and are not considered by the company even as possible theoretically.

The company uses and disposes of partners personal data strictly following the current legislation in the part that directly regulates the legal relationship between equal partners and establishes regulatory standards regarding their powers, own rights, freedoms, and duties.

When concluding an investment agreement, the company guarantees the partner that his data, as well as any other data that may be requested by the company directly in the course of bilateral cooperation, will be like a strictly confidential transaction and under no circumstances transferred to third parties.

Herewith the company pays attention to the fact that the guarantee of non-disclosure and preservation of personal data applies to all company partners, regardless of whether or not an investment in the company's investment program has been created, without exception, and is irrevocable permanently.

On the other hand, the company has the right to rely on the symmetrical and mutual loyalty of each of its partners and strongly recommends that all partners, without exception, observe the company's right to its intellectual and tangible property within the framework of the current legislation as well as within the standards specified on the site.

In the event of a proven fact of companies non-compliance with publicly stated confidentiality guarantees and personal data integrity, the partner has the right to return all agreements to the original condition in any legal way and if the partner suffered material losses or received moral damage also claim legitimate compensation.