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Chinese investors optimistic about trade negotiations

Japanese Nikkei -
Australian ASX -0.18%
Shanghai SSEC + 1.28%
Hong Kong HangSeng + 0.62%
Korean KOSPI + 0.17%

American grounds

The US market on Friday showed no significant dynamics against the background of conflicting factors. Investors are nervous as the deadline for the US and China trade is approaching. This week will be another round of talks in Beijing. At the same time, Trump said he was not going to contact Xi Jinping until March.

Futures on the S & P500 today is down 0.1%. Investors are weighing the risks of another shatdaun on the background of the inability of Trump and Democrats in Congress to negotiate on several issues, including the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico and the problems of emigration.

Yields on US government bonds are falling amid investor risk exposure. Prospects for the slowdown of the global economy and the soft rhetoric of the Fed provided a reduction in the yield of 10-year-old securities to 2.63%. The dollar today is trying to continue growth, previously supported by good data on the US trade balance. Last week was the best for the last six months. The dynamics of the dollar against specific currencies since the beginning of the year are shown below.

Asian markets

Trading in Asia today are without a single dynamic. MSCI Asia declined in the morning by 0.1%, now the dynamics became positive. Liquidity trading on the background of the holiday weekend in Japan reduced. Meanwhile, the Chinese markets began to full-fledged trading after a week break to celebrate the New Year on the lunar calendar. Continental sites in a good plus. Investors are playing out generally positive moments that have accumulated during the week of lack of trading. The yuan is declining against the dollar, but the dynamics are quite stable, despite the rapid growth of the US currency according to the DXY index.

In Hong Kong today is also a small increase. The leaders of growth are technology companies, automakers and developers. In the red, oil and gas assets, pharmaceuticals, banks.

Raw materials and metals

Commodity market today in negative territory against the backdrop of a strong dollar. Gold loses 0.23%.

Industrial metals are also in the red. The opening of Chinese sites after the week-end led to the sale of copper by 0.8%, aluminum by 0.2%. Nickel is growing at 0.5% amid a reduction in stocks and an expected greater load on stainless steel production enterprises after the holiday weekend in China.

Iron ore jumped to record levels of 652 yuan ($ 96.30) per tonne amid the restriction of production of Brazilian Vale after an accident at one of the company's mines. The Brazilian government has ordered the end of the use of eight dams in other mines. The implementation of these directives will entail a reduction in production of about 9%. The armature in China today is also growing, by 3%. Coking coal in the red by 0.6%.

Oil is declining under pressure from a general trend in commodity markets. Per barrel Brent give $ 61.8. However, there are also factors for negative dynamics. Drilling activity in the US increased over the week. Active towers added 7 units, reaching a functioning 854 units.

Also a negative point was the fire at a large refinery in the US, which may temporarily reduce the demand for oil. Meanwhile, raw materials are supported by sanctions against the Venezuelan PDVSA.