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Oil market OPEC executes a 70% reduction deal

Results of the previous auction

April Brent crude futures: $ 60.84 (-1.13%)
March WTI Crude Oil Futures: $ 53.79 (-0.81%)
The spread between current contracts for Brent and WTI brands is about $ 7.14 in favor of Brent.

In details

Oil prices sank a little on Thursday. The spread between the varieties continues to narrow and today in the morning it reaches $ 7.14 per barrel - quite close to semi-annual minimums. Brent futures have maintained their trading range over the past three weeks, demonstrating the moderately positive attitude of the participants. In case of growth above $ 63 per barrel, prices may reach the next milestone of $ 65.

According to the Central Dispatching Office of the Fuel and Energy Complex of the Russian Federation (CDU TEK), the average daily oil production in Russia in January decreased by 10,000 tons, to 1.552 million tons. When converted to barrels at a factor of 7.33, production at the end of January amounted to 11.378 million barrels per day (b / s), which is 43,000 b / d below the base level of 11.421 million b / d as part of the OPEC + reduction deal. Earlier, the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, Alexander Novak, spoke of an intention to reduce production at 50,000 b / s per month. Thus, Russia is still behind the plan and reduces production at a more modest pace than expected.

According to Reuters experts, OPEC reduced production to 30.89 million b / d in January, which is 0.89 million b / d less than December levels. On a monthly basis, this is the largest drop in production since January 2017. In relation to the basic level of production in October 2018, the execution of the transaction by the cartel is about 70%.

US President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping soon to try to conclude a comprehensive trade deal. According to him, the negotiators note significant progress in resolving their contradictions.

In Venezuela, meanwhile, US sanctions imposed on state oil company PDVSA at the beginning of the week keep tankers in ports and may accelerate the drop in shipments in February. Market analysts still disagree on the impact of the current situation in the country with the largest proven oil reserves in the world, which will affect oil prices in the medium term. The horizontal range for oil futures confirms the lack of consensus of opinion.

Yesterday was the last day of circulation of the March futures for Brent on the ICE and CME exchanges. From today, monitoring is carried out on the April contracts. At the Moscow Stock Exchange March contract last day traded today. At 21:00 Moscow time, Baker Hughes will publish the next weekly statistics on drilling activity in the United States. In the morning, Brent futures are traded with an increase of 0.12% to the closing level of the previous session.