There is always a better guideline and a more profitable way to improve!

It was in this vein that the entire system of partnership relationships in the company was developed.

For everyone here there is what he is looking for and will always meet the maximum requirements of relevance and the best prospects for cooperation.

Just use the partnerships that are best for you and strengthen your financial independence.

The Referral Program (RP), developed by customer service specialists, will always be a significant help and a stable source of income for any partner of the company who displays relevant leadership and organizational skills and qualities. After all, to get the right to use the RP, you do not even need to create your own investment in our program! It is enough to invite partners who invest in our company to the company and you will receive a partner reward for their investments. So, for investments made by partners of your partner structure of level 1, you will be credited 7% of deposit ratings, from level 2 of the structure remuneration is available in the amount of 5% of the invested amounts, at level 3 of partner structure you will be credited 3% of the invested sums, for investments of partners of the 4th level you will get 2% of partner rewards, 5th, 6th and 7th levels will bring 1% more into your piggy bank of partner rewards, 8 level will make you rich Another 0.5% of the total investment of the structure of this level, for the 9th level you will be available another 0.3% of partner remuneration and the 10th level of the partner structure will bring you 0.2% of the nominal value of all investments of partners of this level. As you can see, the RP is extensive, generous and in the future can significantly change your financial situation for the better. And if you are ambitious, decisive and want to change something in your life, then our Referral Program is exactly what is so necessary for this.

In addition to the Referral Program (RP), provided an excellent opportunity for career growth and upgrade of each partner’s own status in the company, using which every active investor who successfully forms his own partner structure can develop, grow and simply become successful, secured and confident in his tomorrow man. In this section, each partner of can get acquainted with the description of opportunities that are provided in accordance with the Leadership Program, using which you can get Career Statuses, raise your career level, and continue to develop in the manner in which you yourself plan in the process cooperation with us. The most significant and important characteristics of the Leadership Program (LP) are such indicators as the General Turnover of the structure, as well as the Personal Turnover. These indicators will determine the leadership status and face value of a one-time bonus, which provides to the partner for being active in forming their own effective partner structure. Achieving a greater value of indicators of the total turnover of the structure and personal turnover, the partner raises his leadership status and financial rewards of the leadership program. It is important to know that the percentage of how much of the amount invested by the referrals of your structure will be credited to the total turnover of the structure will decrease as the partner lines from which your partners made investments have moved away from you. Namely, in the total turnover of the structure according to the leader program, for investments from referrals of the 1st level 100% of the turnover is taken into account, for investments of the referrals of the 2nd level 60% of the turnover is taken into account, for investments of referrals of the 3rd level 40% of the turnover is taken into account, for investments 4th-level referrals account for 25% of turnover, 15% of referrals investment is taken into account 15% of turnover, 6th-level referrals investments account for 10% of turnover, 7th-level referrals investments account for 5% of turnover, referral investments 8 level is accounted for 5% of the turnover, for investment referrals of the 9th level take into account 3% of the turnover, for investments of referrals of the 10th level take into account 1% of the turnover. In addition to the General turnover of the structure, it is also necessary to consider the indicator Personal turnover when you intend to upgrade Career status. By Personal Traffic is meant the total amount of your direct investment, in It is important to remember that only when the conditions of a certain range of values ​​of the General turnover of the structure and Personal turnover are fulfilled simultaneously, you get the opportunity to upgrade Career Status. Below are the indicators, reaching which you can easily get Career Statuses and improve your career position.

  • Total turnover required: 2000000 USD
    Required personal turnover : 20000 USD
    Bonus: 50000 USD
  • Total turnover required: 1000000 USD
    Required personal turnover : 15000 USD
    Bonus: 20000 USD
  • Total turnover required: 500000 USD
    Required personal turnover : 12000 USD
    Bonus: 10000 USD
  • Total turnover required: 300000 USD
    Required personal turnover : 10000 USD
    Bonus: 8000 USD
  • Total turnover required: 200000 USD
    Required personal turnover : 9000 USD
    Bonus: 4000 USD
  • Total turnover required: 150000 USD
    Required personal turnover : 8000 USD
    Bonus: 2000 USD
  • Total turnover required: 100000 USD
    Required personal turnover : 7000 USD
    Bonus: 1000 USD
  • Total turnover required: 70000 USD
    Required personal turnover : 5000 USD
    Bonus: 700 USD
  • Total turnover required: 50000 USD
    Required personal turnover : 3000 USD
    Bonus: 400 USD
  • Total turnover required: 20000 USD
    Required personal turnover : 1000 USD
    Bonus: 200 USD